Research Activities
  1. Manager of Idean Pardazan Novin Sanat Sepahan Company
  2. Director of the Spadana Creativity Academy (Spadana Creativity and Robotics Core) (based at Isfahan University of Technology Development Center)
  3. Implementation of research bell plan in the best (including martyr Aezha – Imam Sadegh – Sadat – Nick Song – justice – justice – justice and … ..)
  4. Creativity Engineering Classes in Isfahan Schools
  6. Founder of the Institute of Technology and Robotics Green Technical Vocational Training School from 2010 to 2015
  8. Head of the Robotic Committee of the Ministry of Sports and Youth (now)
  10. Editor-in-Chief of the National Robotics Festival in March 2009 with 429 teams and 1500 people from 23 provinces
  11. Editor-in-Chief of the Big Robotics and Creativity Festival in September 2012, with 429 participants, 400 teams and 1300 people
  12. Conductor of National Olympiad of Isfahan Technical and Professional Organization in 2010
  13. Supervisor of various high school robotic teams since 2007 and successful participation in RoboCup Iran Open
  15. Student competition representative of Sharif University of Technology
  16. Implementation of the plan to build professional and international rescue robots and soccer players in the country for the first time
  17. Cooperation in launching a robotics workshop in Isfahan
  19. Head of Robotics Team at the 2007 World RoboCup Festival in Portugal
  20. Supervisor and Coach at the 2009 Australian Melbourne Solar Robot Competition
  22. Isfahan University Student Team Leading the 2007 Atlanta International RoboCup Tournament
  23. Headed by Mexico International RoboCup Student Soccer 2012
  24. Team Quota for Australia’s International Solar Robot Competition
  25. Team recruiting representative at the US ROBOFEST World Championships
  26. Representative of student robotics teams from the University of Australia’s Wollongon in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai)
  28. Researching and visiting good schools in countries
  29. Sample High School in Melbourne Australia, Sample High School in Madrid Spain – Sample High School in Lisbon Portugal
  30. Pakistani International Educational Complex in Syria – High school al-Mahdi school complex in Beirut Lebanon
  31. Sample High School in Ankara and Istanbul Turkey
  33. Design & Build Devices Ask Me – Restaurant Turns and… ..
  34. Compilation and collection of books and… .. that are in the book and .. section